Getting going

Hi everybody,

I’ve been getting myself back up to speed with my projects, seeing where I left off. But there are things that keep getting the way. Here’s one of the biggest road blocks,


I believe it was my next to last posting on the old blog that I said that I needed to O Scale the work bench. The multi drawer cabinet on the right is all HO and the one on the left is all On2. No wonder I can’t get anything done. So I am in the process of cleaning the bench up so I can get some of my projects finished. Here’s one I just finished at the kitchen table,


This is the three-tier plate girder bridge after shortening it to two. On the Design page I mentioned that I decided to shorten the bridge because of the amount of space it took up. While making that change, I took up the rail I had spiked down. I didn’t like the size of the tie plates. They were code 125/138 size and I felt that they were too big, so I replaced them with Grant line code 125 tie plates. Much better.

One thing that has always bothered me about O scale was no see-thru steel  running  boards. O Scale and no see-thru running boards. So I made one.


Years ago, Weaver use to offer see-thru plastic running boards and end platforms for the corner ladders. I had some scarps left so I started by making a mold and casting new parts and began assembling them into a 40′ boxcar running board. This one is spaced to fit an Atlas boxcar. I may do one for the Intermountain 1937 boxcar as I have read that some of them were built with the steel running boards.

I also have plans to make new boxcar ends that will be used in kit-bash’s of Atlas boxcars, 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught and the 5-5 Dreadnaught end for the improved 1937 boxcar which will be a scratch build using castings that I’ll make.  Also welded sides beside riveted sides. I’ve got all sorts of ideas and projects just waiting for the time to do them.

Talk with ya later.

the Bob Chester Series

Hi Everybody,

I was watching some “O” scale videos on youtube when I came across this 8 part series filmed between 1950 and 1975 by Mr. Bob Chester. .He covers Santa Fa, Rock Island, Frisco, MoPac Southern Pacific and a couple more. Really good vintage railroading.



The new blog!

Welcome to the new Hopedale & Barre RR blog. It will pick up where I left off on the old blog which you can see here  You see Google has change the way you log in or register. You now must have a mobile device or they won’t let you in. I do not own any kind of mobile device so I’m locked out of my blog. That’s ok as there were a couple of things that I wanted to change but never got around to making the changes.

Talk with ya later.